Station Brae

The Old Railway Line

As you can see from the previous page, there is a lot of history associated with Fyvie Station and the more I look into it the more intersting I find it.

So over the last few weeks I have been walking along wheat remains of the Banff, Macduff and Turriff Railway Company which was absorbed into the Great North of Scotland Railway network in 1866.

I have already found a lot of the line has been removed and incorporated into various famres fields so what follows are sections I have found that are still noticable as ex railway lines, straing, of course, immediatly behinf our new house, hence the name. Station Brae !

What I have found is the embankments are easily accessibly from Autumn to Spring before they also get overgrown, but they are not flooded which is what I found in a lot of sections with cuttings mainly because now there is nowhere for the natural water to escape like it did when the line was operating.

These pages will grow !!

Page 2 of the old Railway Line


1st Section

So the first section I tried to wander along was from Fyvie Station to Meikle Camaloun. there are a few sections passable until the old bridge near Lownie Burn but its easy enough to cross over the track that the bridge  used to span.

The sections are below and the numbers are where the photos were taken

The Map on the left is from the OS Six Inch 1888-1913 Map

No1 - Fyvie Station towards Meikle Camaloun

No 2 - Looking back to Fyvie Station

No 3 - Lownie Burn towards remains of Bridge  over track

No 4 - Embankment over Lownie Burn

No 5 - Small Bridge over track between fields

No 6 - From Fyvie Station side of removed bridge over track to South Camaloun

No 7 - From removed Bridge towards Meikle Camaloun

No 8 - From Meikle Camaloun back, not much left now and track finishes here.

2nd Section

This was quite an interesting walk as it was from Fyvie Station in the other direction towards Rothiebrisbane. Only got access where the old bridge went over the track to Mid Haddo Farm. However you can see that because of the embankment it was easy to walk the track right up to where another farm track now covers the old Railway line to South Haddo. After then the old railway is unpassable again as its flooded because it is in a cutting, however futher up the line it dries out as the level rises and you can walk right up to the bridge that used to cross over to Rothiebrisbane.

No 9 - Demolished Bridge on North Haddo Farm Track.

No 10 - Demolished Bridge on road from A947 to Rothiebrisbane

No 11 - Bridge designation - IMG 393, would have meant something to the Railway Board at the time

No 12 - Demolished Bridge and big embankments both sides, to the left goes to Fyvie Station and to the right to Rothiebrisbame.

No 13 - At South Camaloun where farm track now covers old railway towards Fyvie Station

No 14 - At South Camaloun in other direction towards Rothiebrisbane

No 15 - Just about at Rothiebrisbane

No 16 - Just about at Rothiebrisbane in other direction

No 17 - Looking where the Rothiebrisbane Bridge used to be, on the left is the end of the track from No. 16

No 18 - Looking up at where the track (No.16) end from the road, a hell of a height and must have been a big bridge to cross the road


This is all that remains of Fyvie Station itself. There is just one sandstone building and the remains of one of the Platforms but other than that there is a huge area to the side, now used as industrial storage buildings, where the Railway Yard itself used to be so you can see how big it all used to be with even a Market Stance to house all the cattle that used to be transported by the Railway.