Station Brae

The Old Railway Line

3rd Section

So the next section I tried to wander along was from the road crossing at Rothiebrisbane towards Rothienorman heading to Rothie Vale.

The sections are below and the numbers are where the photos were taken

The Map below is from the OS Six Inch 1888-1913 Map

No19 - The removed bridge at Rothiebrisbane

No 20 - From the road looking up at the Rothiebrisbane side of the old bridge embankmant

No 21 & 22 - Small bridge to allow access between fields

No 23 - Most of the embankment from Rothiebrisbanne is inaccessable

No 24 - What remains of a bridge, now completely filled in halfway to Rothie Vale looking towards Rothiebrisbane

No 25 - Looking towards RothieVale from the Bridge above (No 24)

No 26 - Looking towards Rothiebrisbane from the last accesssible part of the track near Rothie Vale

4th Section

Unfortunately the section from Rothie Vale to Rothienorman is just about totally overgrown at the moment. However you can see from the maps that after the railway was closed down, the road (In Blue) was diverted after Rothie Vale as you can see below, the railway (in Red) used  to go under the road with a Bridge spanning the line. Although the road is now almost gone (still bits of old tarmac visible) the bridge is still there buried amongst the overgrowth and the road was rerun on a different path across where the railway used to run.

You can see in the photo on the right, where the road now runs, the new grey section showing where it is now and the blue section showing where it used to go with the bridge maked in red.

These photos were taken from the bridge itself and you can see below how overgrown and impassible that complete section now is.

As I was taking photos, the Farmer who now owns the old railway there, came over and told me a few interesting facts.

First of all when the land the line runs on came up for sale, the Council wanted to turn part of it to a walkway but the cost to do that and maintain it was too much. The then said they would fill it with rubbish because its basically a ditch to Rothie but he didn't agree so he bought it.

He is quite proud on how overgrown it is because it houses a miriad of wildlife including Red Deer which he sees quite often, at the moment there are about 7 living in there.

He also told me that the old railway was originally planned to run from Rothienorman to Fyvie alongside Fordoun Burn which meant it would have run straight to Fyvie, however the Lairds of Rothie and Fyvie said no, so it had to go the way you can see now and therefore requiring a new station at Fyvie Station !

So if they had allowed it to run to Fyvie, then Fyvie Station wouldn't exist and we wouldn't be here !

Although there are not many photos of that section, due to the amount of growth in there the next section from the Old Rothienorman Station is more accesible.

5th Section

You can see below how big Rothie Norman statino also used to be , now it is just a car park with the new school bordering it. There is a good footpath from there and I will be wlking more of it once the nettles all die down in the Autumn.