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Station Brae

Fyvie Station


Welcome to our new Adventure !

We are not building another Log House for a few personal reasons, but this time it will be a SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panel System) house so will come in kit form, however the new house will be clad externally in European Larch and internally in European Redwood with an Oak Floor throughout except for the kitchen, bathroom and Boiler Room that will have a tiled floor.

The external cladding will be stained to prevent the aging process turning it silver and the internal cladding will all be horizontal, the same as what we have now.

Other main bits will be:

An Air Source Heat Pump  and Underfloor Heating

4kW PV System with a Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery to offset using the Grid too much (we are not off grid this time)

Kit will be from Angus Homes and all the windows and doors supplied by Nordan with very high U values so that the heating requirements will be minimal.

Also water will be heated by Solar Thermal Panels

Updated 10th March 2019

UPDATE - 10th March 2019

At 12.30 on 28th November, we started to break ground and over the next few weeks I will be uploading photos to show whats going on.

Check out the November, December, January, February and March now as well

A Map from 1856 showing Fyvie Station and where our new house will be, red blob along with a current Map below.

Our Location at Fyvie Station

Todays effort !

Garage up and scaffolding nearly ready for the build


We were given Planning Permission to go ahead and build the new house at Fyvie Station on 3rd August.

We have located a lovely plot, about 2 miles from where we used to live and we have enlisted the help of Katrina Denholm to turn my initial sketches into a proper set of drawings to put to the Planners and also for Building Warrant.

You can see more of Katrina's work by clicking her logo below.

A small delay of a couple of weeks before the kit arrives on the 26th March

I have to thank Scott Paterson and his lads from Turriff Building Services for pushing on with all of this work to date. After the snow curtailed it a couple of weeks ago its been non stop since and I would recommend them for any of this sort of work.

Click here or the photo to see more of his work.